I’m going to miss the hell out of Joe Biden

I was saddened that after serving us well as Obama’s VP during the last eight years he  was unable to bring himself to start a campaign to be the Democratic champion. His speech last night just proved to me what I’d been thinking for months, that if Biden was going against Trump he would crush Trump like a grape, showing him to be what he is.

Biden is the antithesis of Trump, humble, strong, smart enough to know his weaknesses, witty, caring,  and someone I’d love to share an Amtrak ride with for a few hours. I’m surely sugarcoating what Joe Biden is about but that is easy to do when the alternative is someone who has disgusted me since he first showed up with his pathetic Your Fired mantra.  How America embraced such a show and man back then is just as bizarre to me as America embracing him as a presidential candidate today.

I’m writing this because I want to remember the moment from yesterday. The Joe Biden speech, the Bloomberg speech (I’d vote for that guy), and finally the Obama speech. I’m not thrilled with having to vote for Hillary Clinton for our President, but I can’t for the love of God understand how anyone could entertain the idea of Donald Trump as the leader of the free world.

I guess the Donald Trump candidacy has to give everyone hope who ever bullied/lambasted/blasted/insulted any number of people via social media and felt that they would never be able to run for any kind of meaningful office. Evidently you can be a complete asshole to your fellow man, and still have a political career. Who knew, I sure didn’t.

Normally a baseball blogger should step away from the political arena because no one wants to know your political take, but this election is simply too important to use that excuse.

Life matters more than baseball, don’t whiff on this one.



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