Dodger offense destroys childhood dreams

Dodger offense did good work facing two of the better teams in the NL. Both teams had to send a pitcher to the mound for their major league debut, always an exciting assignment for fans of both teams.  Contrary to the often stated belief that they struggle against those types of pitchers, the Dodger offense made short work of both of them. Reynaldo Lopez and Mike Mayers won’t be able to look back at their major league debut with any fondness for the rest of their lives.  Not everyone gets to be Ross Stripling.

  • Justin Turner was clearly the Dodgers best hitter this week providing power/average/rbi.
  • Howie Kendrick didn’t just hit in every game this past week, but also provided some opposite power going to RF twice.
  • Corey hit a bunch of singles after throwing up his guts earlier in the week.
  • Grandal got on base via the walk four times almost pushing his OBP to .400.
  • Even  Adrian got into the act with two big home runs after word surfaced that he’d become Mark Grace.
  • Andrew Toles had a nice weekend filling in for Puig, and gave fans an exciting view of his speed when he went all Jackie Robinson on the bases, forcing the porous Cardinal defense into making another mistake resulting in a run.

Past seven days via fangraphs:

Justin Turner 0.393 0.433 0.821 0.518 236
Howie Kendrick 0.308 0.379 0.615 0.417 168
Corey Seager 0.438 0.438 0.438 0.384 145
Yasmani Grandal 0.222 0.391 0.389 0.354 124
Andrew Toles 0.385 0.467 0.462 0.409 162
Chase Utley 0.269 0.296 0.423 0.309 94
Adrian Gonzalez 0.259 0.286 0.519 0.339 114


Justin Turner 30 3 7 8
Howie Kendrick 29 2 6 3
Corey Seager 16 0 2 2
Yasmani Grandal 23 1 2 1
Andrew Toles 15 0 2 0
Chase Utley 28 1 4 3
Adrian Gonzalez 28 2 5 7



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