Justin Turner is Beyonce hot

Justin Turner

Los Angeles Dodgers’ Justin Turner walks off the field during practice for the upcoming NLDS playoff baseball series against the New York Mets, Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015, in Los Angeles. Their NLDS best of five playoff series begins Friday, Oct. 9, at Dodger Stadium. (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)


You’d be hard pressed to call Justin Turner an attractive man but right now he’s as beautiful as Beyonce to Dodger fans. You wouldn’t think that the smallish  Justin Turner would be big enough to carry the Dodger offense but we’d be wrong.  Hot streaks are fun to watch and even more fun when they follow a cold streak that has fans wondering if said player shouldn’t be replaced.  No one has bounced higher than Justin Turner. Let’s check it out:

  • On May 19th after 153 plate appearances,  Justin Turner had a triple stat line of .233/.320/.316 with ONE home run.  His BABIP was .270. He had nine RBI batting from the 3rd spot.  Everyone wanted an upgrade. Most everyone anyway.
  • From May 20th to July 21st Justin Turner has had 221 plate appearances. In that time Justin has slugged sixteen home runs, driven in forty-six runs, and put up a triple stat line of .290 / .362 / .596 with a BABIP of only .278.  Imagine a slugging percentage at almost .600 from Justin Turner in 220 plate appearances.
  • Combining the cold and the hot you get on July 21st one heck of an offensive 3rd baseman. Justin Turner now has a triple stat line of .267/.345/.482 with seventeen home runs and fifty five RBI.
  • For his Dodger career Justin now has an OPS+ of 138 with a triple stat line of .298 / .371 / .488.
  • That OPS+ 138 as a Dodger 3rd baseman is the best in LAD history with at least 200 games at 3rd base. Hell it is the best Dodger history. And nobody is close. Granted Turner has only played 326 games compared to Cey with 1481 games, or Beltre with 966 but it is what it is.



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