Dodger front office wins one on the margin

For whatever reason, the Dodger front office takes a beating from fans and old school newspaper writers. As the trading deadline nears, they are sure to take some heat no matter what they do, but they can take some solace that for the short term,  two minor trades have already produced an important victory.

When Clayton Kershaw went down the Dodgers needed someone to step into his rotation spot and they shrewdly picked up Bud Norris cheaply enough to fill that spot. No one expected Norris to replace Kershaw, and while he sure hasn’t reminded anyone of Kershaw he has won 66% of the games he started for Kershaw.  On Friday night he was less than stellar but still walked away with a win when the other minor trade the Dodgers made exploded for a career night.  Bud Norris may only make one more start before being replaced by Kershaw but he has already earned his keep at a time the Dodgers were scraping the barrel for a starter.

Chris Taylor was acquired for Zach Lee, and while Zach Lee was never going to help the Dodgers win a game in 2016, Chris Taylor has already put one in his win column. WAR may only give him a few points for his memorable game, but in my ledger, his WAR is at 1.0.

Chris Taylor Notes on Dodger game on July 15, 2016:

  • 1st LAD to hit a grand slam as his first home run
  • 1st LAD second baseman to drive in six runs
  • 1st LAD to hit a grand slam, a double, and triple in the same game
  • 1st Dodger second baseman since Jackie Robinson to drive in six runs

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