LAD All-Stars 2000 – 2017, Clayton Kershaw era


Here is a link to all of the LAD All-Stars.

Quick 21st-century LAD All-Star notes:

  • The most all-stars this century are the current six in 2017
  • The Dodgers have a rookie all-star three years in a row with Joc Pederson, Corey Seager, and Cody Bellinger.
  • This will be Kershaw’s 7th straight all-star appearance.
  • Andre Ethier, not Clayton Kershaw was the first LAD to make an all-star team still on the current roster
  • Kenley Jansen joins Eric Gagne, Jonathan Broxton, Hong-Chih Kuo, and Takashi Saito as the only relievers to make the all-star team in this century
  • Eric Gagne is the only LAD besides Kershaw to be an all-star this century at least three times
  • Shawn Green had some incredible years for the Dodgers but was only an all-star one time in 2002. Amazingly his record-breaking season of 2001 did not get him to the all-star game.
  • Paul LoDuca, Russell Martin, and Yazmani Grandal are the catchers who have represented the LAD this century
  • Corey Seager joins Rafael Furcal as the only shortstops to make the all-star team
  • Free agent All-Stars were Justin Turner, Zack Greinke, Rafy Furcal, Nomar Garciaparra, Jeff Kent, Kevin Brown, and Orlando Hudson
  • International free agent all-stars are Kenley Jansen, Chan-Ho Park, Takashi Saito, Hong-Chih Kuo, and Yasiel Puig
  • Traded for all-stars are Alex Wood, Adrian Gonzalez, Yazmani Grandal, Andre Ethier, Brad Penny, Cesar Izturis, Shawn Gree, Odalis Perez, and Jeff Shaw

2017 – Alex Wood was just a tad better than Clayton Kershaw by the break with Wood sporting a 10 – 0 and one of the best sOPS+ against in LAD history by the break. Clayton was as good as ever continuing to make his case as one of the five greatest pitchers in baseball history. Corey Seager just missed getting the fan vote due to Zack Cosart having a career year but was an easy manager call for a substitution.  Kenley Jansen was the best relief pitcher in MBL during the first half and got his second all-star nod.  Cody Bellinger beat the odds and made the team even though the NL was stacked at 1st base. I expect his ability to play the outfield got him on the team not to mention his bazillion home runs in just two months of baseball. Justin Turner had to make the team via the fan vote for the final spot and the Dodger fans did not let him down, as he beat out the reigning 2016 MVP Kris Bryant to win his first all-star nod. Turner hit the break with the highest fWAR even though he had missed several weeks of baseball.

2016 – Clayton Kershaw got the nod once again as he once again was the best pitcher in baseball. Kenley Jansen finally had a great April and rode that to his first all-star nod. Corey Seager made the all-star team in his rookie season by being the best NL SS in the first half.

2015 –  Zack Greinke once again joined Clayton Kershaw as an all-star and he did it by being the best pitcher in the NL in the first half. Joc Pederson rode to the all-star game on the back of his 20 first half home runs becoming the first of three rookies in a row to make the all-star team. Yazmani Grandal made his first all-star team in his first season with the Dodgers.  Adrian Gonzalez would make his last all-star team via his dynamic April.

2014 – Clayton and Greinke took the honors. Puig had a monster first half and the talk was of an MVP season. It would be the last great three month stretch by Puig. From June of 2013 – June 2014 he was arguably the best player in baseball. Dee Gordon would make the all-star team bouncing back from a disappointing 2013 season.

2013 – Just Clayton

2012 – Clayton once again. Matt Kemp makes his last Dodger all-star team with a monster first half even though he missed all of June.

2011 – Clayton once again. Matt Kemp makes his first all-star game and comes just short of being the 2011 MVP.  Andre Either makes his 2nd all-star game and his last.

2010 – No Clayton yet. Kuo and Broxton ride the great Dodger bullpen to spots on the all-star team.  Furcal had one of the greatest first halves for a Dodger SS to nab his only LAD all-star nomination.  Andre Ethier gets his first all-star nomination due to his fantastic first half. From the all-star break of 2009 until the all-star break of 2010, Andre Ethier had an OPS over .900.

Year All-Star One All-Star Two All-Star 3,4,5
2017 | Kershaw, Clayton | Jansen, Kenley | Seager, Corey, Justin Turner, Alex Wood, Cody Bellinger
2016 | Kershaw, Clayton | Jansen, Kenley | Seager, Corey
2015 | Kershaw, Clayton | Greinke, Zack | Gonzalez, Adrian,  / Pederson, Joc / Grandal, Yazmani
2014 | Kershaw, Clayton | Greinke, Zack | Puig, Yasiel / Gordon, Dee
2013 | Kershaw, Clayton | |
2012 | Kershaw, Clayton | Kemp, Matt |
2011 | Kershaw, Clayton | Kemp, Matt | Ethier, Andre
2010 | Kuo, Hong-Chih | Broxton, Jonathan | Furcal, Rafael / Ethier, Andre
2009 | Billingsley, Chad | Broxton, Jonathan | Hudson, Orlando
2008 | Martin, Russel | |
2007 | Penny, Brad | Saito, Takashi | Martin, Russel
2006 | Penny, Brad | Garciaparra, Nomar |
2005 | Kent, Jeff | Izturis, Cesar |
2004 | Gagne, Eric | LoDuca, Paul |
2003 | Gagne, Eric | LoDuca, Paul | Brown, Kevin
2002 | Gagne, Eric | Green, Shawn | Perez, Odalis
2001 | Park, Chan-Ho | Shaw, Jeff |
 2000  |  Brown, Kevin  |  Sheffield, Gary

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