It takes a lot to score a LAD catcher

AJ Ellis has now gone 74 at-bats without scoring a run. I was wondering how that places him historically so I ran the numbers this morning and to no one’s surprise the leaderboard is filthy with catchers.

Doug Camilli sits on top of the scoreless leaderboard with 105 at bats over 36 games. He basically didn’t score all year. His scoreless streak started in May and ended in Sept.

The top ten names:

  1. Camilli – 105 at bats / 18 hits / 6 walks
  2. Mike Scioscia – 96 at bats / 20 hits / 8 walks
  3. Len Gabrielson -95 at bats / 20 hits / 4 walks
  4. Steve Yeager-86 at bat / 17 hits / 3 walks
  5. John Hale-80 at bats / 10 hits / 12 walks
  6. Wally Moon-78 at bats / 15 hits / 3 walks
  7. A.J. Ellis – 74 at bats / 13 hits / 10 walks
  8. Jeff Torborg-73 at bats / 10 hits / 7 walks
  9. Juan Samuel– 73 at bats / 19 hits / 2 walks
  10. Don LeJohn – 72 at bats / 18 hits / 4 walks

Camilli / Scoscia / Yeager / Torborg and AJ are all catchers. All five were well known for being the slowest players on the team. Yet Yeager would hit the occasional home run so I was surprised to see him on the list.

I know nothing about Doug Camilli

Mike Scoscia needs no introduction.

The two biggest surprises are my old friend Len Gabrielson, and speedster extraordinaire Juan Samuel.  Len did the feat in 1969, just one year after leading the Dodgers in home runs in 1968 with his measly 10. Len only hit one home run in 1969 and couldn’t help his own cause. Len was on base 24 times and no one could bring him home. Juan Samuel is even stranger. Juan hit the ball well with 19 hits, had the highest BA of any of the top ten scoreless folk, and more than that, was extremely fast. Juan was only 31 at the time, so granted he may have lost some speed but it seems inconceivable that someone with his speed could get on base 21 times and never get knocked in one time.

Steve Yeager should need no introduction.

John Hale was one of my favorite prospect busts. Hale came up in Sept of 1974 at the age of 20 and proceeded to go 4 for 4. The 1974 team was loaded so he didn’t get much burn that Sept. That would be as good as it got for Hale. He had a pretty horrible career, but maybe was a player before his time. The one thing Hale could do was take walk. He had a career OBP of .307 which was astonishing given his career BA was .201. 100 point OB spreads between BA and OBP are celebrated these days.

Wally Moon  was known for his Moon shots over the left field wall at the Coliseum but by 1964 his career was in the final moon phase and he had just a sliver of talent left.

Torborg is famous for catching the last perfect game by any LAD, and his managing. He was the Roseboro backup for much of his career, and a horrible hitter.

I got nothing on Don LaJohn.

We will keep an eye on AJ Ellis, and hope he can find his way to home plate before too long. This is not a list that he wants to move up on.

This is not a list that he wants to move up on.

[update] I first wrote this on July 7th, at which point AJ Ellis was 10th. He got two more at bats without scoring on July 7th, moving up from 10th to 7th.



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