Bash brothers – Machado / Davis / Trumbo invade the Ravine

The Orioles are in first place because they bomb the hell out of the baseball. Halfway through the season they already have five players with at least thirteen home runs. They just broke the major league home run record for the month of June, blasting 56 home runs.

Jonathan Schoop has 13, career high is 16

Adam Jones has 16, career high is 33

Manny Machado has 18, career high is 35

Chris Davis has 21, career high is 53

Mark Trumbo has 24, career high is 34

Pedro Alvarez has been placed on the bereavement list, and since he was the DH, the Dodgers weren’t going to see him anyway.

This is a very healthy team, the only one on the DL is Darren O’Day and he’s due back tomorrow.  The Orioles starting pitching won’t scare anyone but the offense sure well.

Manny Machado should receive some MVP votes if the season ended today.  He’d slot in second in my vote behind the incomparable Big Papi.  His wRC+ is fifth in the AL at 154, he’s a whiz at 3rd base, and he helped out at SS when JJ Hardy went on the DL. You could say Altuve deserves it, and I would not argue but I’m sticking with Machado.

Mark Trumbo finally found his home run stroke after it went awol when he left the Angels. Trumbo currently leads the major leagues in home runs with his 24.

Chris Davis is on his way to his third season of 40 plus home runs.  Davis  has 227 home runs at the age of 30. That sounds like a lot, let us see if it is. Hmm, not as good as I expected. That 227 home runs by the age of 30 is good enough for 36th place.  However if Chris can hit another 20 home runs this year he can climb to 25th place, passing the original Yaz, and fitting in just below Roger Maris and Hall of Famers Hank Greenberg and Al Kaline.

I’m excited about watching this team, I’ve never seen Machado play in person so I hope to see him in person on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Earl Weaver would love this team.

I wish Urias the best of luck tonight, he is going to need it.




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