LAD – by the numbers 7/3/16 – home cooking hot

A. J. Ellis has now gone two months without scoring a run, after scoring seven in April, and one on May 1st.

Following their victory over the Rockies last night, the Dodgers have won eight in a row at home. They are now 16 – 3 at home since May 17th.

With the Giants meltdown last night, the Dodgers have moved to within five games of 1st place in the NL West.

The Dodgers are now nine games over .500 for the first time in 2016

The Dodgers wild card lead increased to 1. 5 games over the Mets and 2.5 games over the Cardinals. 

Corey Seager extended his hitting streak to fifteen games. That is now the fifth-longest hitting streak in LAD history. Tommy Davis had a 20 game streak in 1960, Bill Sudakis had an 18 game streak in 1969, Andre Ethier and Steve Sax both had 16 game hitting streaks.

Justin Turner collected three hits last night, and since June 4th has a triple slash line of .340/.381/.681. Turner has eight doubles, eight home runs, and twenty-three runs batted in during this run.

Howie Kendrick went 100 plate appearances as a left fielder before driving in a run that was not himself on Friday night.  Overall Howie is hitting .310 since June 13th.

In the past five starts for Trayce Thompson starting on June 28th, he has collected two hits, zero hits, two hits, zero hits, two hits. Which sure beats the stretch from June 20th to June 27th where he went zero for nineteen.

Scott Kazmir tied his LAD high game score last night with a 76. His 10 strikeouts were the 2nd time he reached double digits in strikeouts as a LAD.


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