James Loney settling in with the NY Mets

The long time LAD ex -first baseman has shockingly filled the void of the Lucas Duda injury for the Mets.

James Loney was toiling in AAA for the Padres on May 27th when he was purchased by the NY Mets to replace Lucas Duda who had been placed on the DL.  Loney couldn’t even hold a job with Tampa Bay this past spring, but the purchase by the Mets has put new life into his old bat.

James Loney has a triple stat line of .297 / .345 / .495 in 120 plate appearances. That slugging % is the highest it has been since early 2013.  One has to assume that will be the peak for Loney, and a long slow (or fast) climb down the triple stat line ladder is in his future. Yet, it has been great to see Loney get some keys hits when it looked like his major league career was done.

Maybe Will Venable can do the same for the Dodgers.  They were both released this spring, both hooked up with AAA teams, both were given a second chance.


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