Bud Norris 3rd best game score for pitcher traded in-season in LAD history

As Bud Norris was shutting down the Rockies last night, my mind wandered back to Brad Penny and his brilliant debut. Paul Depodesta blew up Los Angeles by trading Paul Loduca, the heart and soul of the team  in the middle of a pennant race for Penny. Depo knew the team needed another starter if they were going to have a chance against the Cardinals in the postseason and made a calculated gamble that was disliked by most Dodger fans.

It was a brilliant move by Depodesta that looked great after the Brad Penny debut. Penny would put up the greatest game score debut for a pitcher that was traded for during the season. Unfortunately,  for Depodesta the trade ultimately backfired when Penny was shut down after only two starts with nerve damage. Penny would make one more start but was unable to pitch in the postseason.

I started researching to see how the Bud Norris debut held up. The criteria was very simple, players traded for during the season and their debut game. I’m using the game score metric for this list.

Very well, actually. Number three on the list. I remember each of these games except the Rick Honeycut and Jim Bunning games.

Carlos Perez would not only have a great debut game, but would go on a roll that Sept tossing two shutouts, and pitching nine innings four games in a row.

There are some solid LAD names on this list, along with some very forgettable ones who were thankfully gone after the season ended. Nolasco, Garland, Correia, and Hernandez in particular.

I was surprised that Brian Bohannon did not make the cut.

I was also surprised at how few trades were made from 1958 – 1980 during the season. Jim Bunning was an exception. The 1969 Dodgers traded for HOF Bunning in August and the future HOF and Senator provided a game score of 63.  I had forgotten the Dodgers in 69 were even in the pennant race that late in the year.

Player Date GamsScore
Brad Penny 8/3/2004 81
Ricky Honeycut 8/21/1983 76
Bud Norris 7/1/2016 75
Ted Lilly 8/3/2010 74
Greg Maddux 8/3/2006 72
Carlos Perez 8/1/1998 72
Ricky Nolasco 7/9/2013 70
Jon Garland 9/3/2009 64
Kevin Correia 8/11/2014 64
Roberto Hernandez 8/8/2014 63
Jim Bunning 8/19/1969 63



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