Finally a trade rumor that makes sense, come on down Erasmo Ramirez

I typically discount trade rumors because,  for the most part, they make little sense for at least one of the two teams, and sometimes both teams. That said,  this rumor being floated by Ken Rosenthal makes perfect sense for both teams.

To that end, they are talking to the Rays about Erasmo Ramirez, according to major-league sources.

Ramirez’s only start this season was April 16, but he has a resilient arm and the Dodgers believe that he could pitch four innings and possibly five immediately, sources say

The LAD clearly need pitching, and the Rays are one team with an abundance of it.  Erasmo started 27 games for the Rays last year and did a very solid job in those 27 starts. This year Erasmo has been unable to crack the Ray rotation and they have used him to pitch multiple innings per appearance. Thirteen times, Erasmo has been asked to get at least six outs. His rubber arm has responded to the task.  The one game he started he got 17 outs, gave up zero runs, which would be the best case scenario if the Dodgers were to acquire him.

Erasmo is only 26, and under team control until 2020.  A trade that could benefit now and in the future.  For the present, he could step in for the recently DL’d Clayton Kershaw, and either stay in the rotation to replace Urias or Brock if Ryu/McCarthy aren’t up to snuff, or simply head to the bullpen giving the Dodgers another solid setup option.

What would it take, I really have no idea, he was traded last year from the Mariners to the Rays for Mike Montgomery who is doing good work in the Mariner bullpen.


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