You just can’t get enough Brock Stewart updates

Brock is such a unique story that I’m trying to post what is being said around the baseball universe.  Earlier today  David Laurila from Fangraphs weighed in. He too was caught off guard when the Dodgers brought up Brock sooner than was what expected.

On rare occasion, I’ll interview a player and end up not writing about him — at least not right away — despite fully intending to. This happened with Brock Stewart, who will be making his major-league debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers later tonight.

 of Baseball America has a nice story up about Jeff and Brock. Jeff Stewart is a professional baseball scout and Brocks father. This is a great story if anyone pops by, I suggest they click the link and read the article.

“It’s tough being the son of a coach or son of a scout,” Jeff Stewart said. “Because when they accomplish something, someone says, ‘his dad’s a coach, his dad’s a scout.’

“I want my kids to cut their own path.”

Kingston was not surprised by his former boss’ stance.

“I’ve known the Stewarts since the late 1990s, and I knew Brock as a little child, so I knew when Brock got the chance (to be drafted), Jeff’s preference was that it would be


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