LAD – by the numbers 06/29/16

Adrian Gonzalez loves Miller park so much that in 136 plate appearances  he has the highest BA (.420), highest OBP (.507),  and highest slugging percentage (.795) of his career at Miller park.  No wonder that last night he might have broken out of his season-long slump by getting on base five times via three hits, one walk, one HBP.

Corey Seager has seven doubles and seven home runs in June and is hitting .340 for the month, with a 1.065 OPS. If Claytons back is hurting from carrying the rotation, Coreys might be feeling the weight of carrying the offense.

Howie Kendrick now has 91 plate appearances in left field with only one run batted in. That run batted in came via a home run, so basically in 91 plate appearances, Howie has yet to drive in someone other than himself.

Howie Kendrick splits

as LF 91 15 1 1 0.183 0.264 0.256 0.52
as 2B 58 17 1 5 0.309 0.345 0.382 0.727
as 3B 46 12 1 4 0.279 0.304 0.395 0.7
as 1B 22 4 0 4 0.211 0.273 0.316 0.589
as PH 10 3 0 0 0.333 0.4 0.444 0.844
as DH 4 1 0 0 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.5

and now this

Left-handed relief pitcher Adam Liberatore has not allowed a run since May 20th, spanning 19 games.  The unheralded Liberatore has appeared in 33 games, and only given up a run one time.  For context,  the much more ballyhooed Andrew Miller has also appeared in 33 games but has given up a run in five games. Granted Miller is usually required to get at least three outs and has thus pitched 33 innings compared to Adams 25.  Still, Adam has been awesome, and I’m not sure he’s been getting the recognition he deserves.

Yazmani Grandal drove in two runs last night and now has 28 RBI. Grandal has struggled this year with his batting average now at .178, but he has made those 30 hits count. Grandal has almost averaged an RBI per hit with 30 hits and 28 RBI.

A.J. Ellis still hasn’t scored a run since May 1st in 77 plate appearances. He clearly needs Urias hitting behind him.

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