Julio Urias wins the first of many

It took Julio Urias seven starts to notch his first victory, but that will probably be the longest stretch between wins in his career going forward.  Eric Stephen broke down all the first time achievements for Julio , and I must admit I’m having a hard time picking my favorite.

Was it the first major league hit for a nineteen-year-old pitcher since one-time phenom Rick Ankiel did it in 1999?

Was it the first RBI for a nineteen-year-old pitcher since one-time phenom Dwight Gooden did it in 1984?

Was it the six walks, and still managing to go six innings for the first time?

Was it the ability to navigate multiple baserunners while still only giving up two runs on one swing of the bat?

Was it the fact Urias ended up with thirty-eight strikeouts in the month of June?

All these are cool, but the coolest fact to me is that Julio Urias in seven starts and only thirty-three innings has picked off four baserunners.  Eric describes what he did to poor Villar yesterday to start the game:

After Jonathan Villar walked to open the first inning, Urias threw over twice, then on the third try picked Villar off. But the Brewers challenged the call, and on replay review the call was overturned. But before even throwing another pitch, Urias threw over a fourth time and picked off Villar for good this time.

That was the fourth straight game with a pickoff for Urias, who is tied for the major league lead on the season despite making only seven starts. Dating back to Triple-A, Urias has nine pickoffs in his last 11 starts.

If this is his last start in an effort to control his inning count and be able to use him later in the year, he went out the way a teenage prodigy should go out.

In style.

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