LAD are winless in 1st game of second series on the road in 2016

As the Dodgers fly to Milwaukee,  they have to be wary of their winless record in the 1st game of the second series of all six road trips this year.

Team Score
SF 2 – 3
Col 5 – 7
Tor 1 -5
SD 6 – 7
Cubs 0 – 2
Ari 2 – 3

I thought I once saw a stat that showed how the Dodgers struggle in the 1st game of road trips but as I looked through the schedule, the problem this year is the 1st game of the second series,  not the first game of a road trip. The Dodgers are a respectable 3 – 4 in the first game of the road trip.

So far this year the Dodgers have not done a three team road trip. Seven road trips and only two teams each time. Following the all-star game,  the Dodgers will embark on their 1st three game road trip playing Arizona / Washington / Cardinals.


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