Seven nights, four 3-run home runs, multiple victories, who knew?

Yasmani Grandal blasted a three run home run last night to propel the Dodgers to a 3 – 2 victory. 

On Saturday night Justin Turner launched a three run home run to help down the Brewers 10 -6

On Thursday night Trayce Thompson slugged a three run home in a losing cause 8 -6

Last Wednesday Scott Van Slyke crushed a three run home run to provide all the offense in a Dodger win 3 – 2. 

The LAD have hit four three run home runs in the past seven nights, while winning five games in a row.   The three run home run is generally considered a winning strategy, and the Dodgers to their credit are implementing the Earl Weaver strategy extremely well.

Below is the three run home chart for 2016

Player Date ▴ Opp Rslt HR RBI
Yasiel Puig 5/3/2016 TBR W 10-5 1 3
Yasmani Grandal 5/12/2016 NYM W 5-0 1 3
Corey Seager 5/31/2016 CHC W 5-0 1 3
Yasmani Grandal 6/5/2016 ATL W 12-6 1 3
Justin Turner 6/7/2016 COL W 4-3 1 3
Scott Van Slyke 6/15/2016 ARI W 3-2 1 3
Trayce Thompson 6/16/2016 MIL L 6-8 1 3
Justin Turner 6/18/2016 MIL W 10-6 1 3
Yasmani Grandal 6/21/2016 WSN W 3-2 1 3

The LAD are 8 – 1 when they unload the three-run home run. They hit zero in April, two in May, and now six in June, with four coming in the past seven games.

That’ll do


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  1. Earl Weaver would love us!


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