Someone tell Dave Roberts that Clayton Kershaw is the franchise

Something happened last night that still bugs me. It bewildered Vin Scully and it bewildered me. Dave Roberts has done a plethora of strange things as the Dodger rookie manager, but he took the cake last night.

In case y’all missed it, the Dodgers were in a tight game in the bottom of the 9th. With the team down by two runs, and two outs, they staged a mini rally. Justin Turner singled, AJ Ellis singled, and then Chase was hit by a pitch which moved AJ Ellis to 2nd base making him the tying run.

Now we all know just how slow AJ Ellis is, and using a pinch runner probably seemed like a good idea, but Dave Roberts decided to use Clayton Kershaw as his pinch runner.

And yeah, I had all sorts of problems with this:

As Vinny noted, Clayton is a competitor and if he needs to score on a base hit he will do everything he can to score. Last thing I want is Clayton Kershaw the franchise player for the LAD sliding into home plate on a close play that would tie the game.

Think about it, the only reason Clayton is running is because he has a better chance to score on a single to the outfield compared to AJ Ellis. But that means that for Clayton to score he will need to run balls out from second to home and probably slide into home plate. Yes, Clayton is an athlete, a ballplayer, so was AJ Pollock the Diamondback CF who will miss the season when he was hurt sliding into home.  If Clayton has an easy time scoring, so would have AJ Ellis or one of the other ten pitchers that Dave could have used.

At no point has Clayton ever been on base in the ninth inning representing the tying run. Because if Clayton had gotten a hit to get on base in the 9th (and very doubtful he would have been allowed to bat in the 9th inning), he would have been pinch run for.

Just to see if this was true, let us see how many at bats Clayton has had in the 9th inning in his career. One at bat. One

Putting the franchise in a position he’s never been in before, made zero sense. Or maybe I simply don’t understand this game anymore.


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