Scott Van Slyke finally contributes to the 2016 Dodgers

SVS has had a rough start to the 2016 season.  When Andre Ethier went down it was expected that SVS would take up the slack and possibly get full-time at bats but after just a few appearances, a back injury would sideline Scott until June.

Once activated in June, Scott sat on the bench and watched Howie Kendrick take most of the at bats in left field. Even when the Dodgers released Carl Crawford, Scott was finding it hard to get at bats. When he did get the few at bats he did nothing with them. He was even batting eighth behind several players in extended season long slumps.

Luckily for him, a left hander was finally on the mound for the game on Wednesday, and this time SVS did what he’s known for at Chase field. Pounding left handers. His three run blast was the difference in the game as the Dodgers won behind Clayton Kershaw 3 – 2.

During his career at Chase field SVS now has four home runs, second most in a ball park in his career. When I started this I actually thought Scott would have more than four home runs because of the damage he used to inflict upon Wade Miley but that was not the case. Only four home runs.

It was big blast that Kershaw and the Dodgers needed. Will Dave Roberts give SVS a shot against some RHP until Puig is ready? Probably not, but at least for one game, SVS clearly was the difference maker.



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