Dodger outfield is as hot as the San Fernando Valley in Sept

All the Dodgers starting team, and key bench players are on fire, but leading the charge has been the starting outfield. All stats are courtesy of Notice that three of them have a plus .600 slug %. Strangely enough, it is Carl Crawford with the highest Slug%.  SVS has the strange stat of a lower OB than Average. This sure beats having to write about how no one can hit who plays Centerfield.

September Dodger Outfield Stats as of Sept 21st

Outfielder PA Hits XBH HR Avg OBP Slug%
Matt Kemp 73 24 12 7 0.329 0.369 0.685
Yasiel Puig 69 22 6 2 0.319 0.405 0.464
Carl Crawford 53 23 9 2 0.434 0.448 0.698
Scott Van Slyke 24 10 3 1 0.417 0.400 0.625

I guess facing the likes of the Rockie/Cub pitching staffs can do wonders for a teams statistics.

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