Dodger Series Preview – Rockies – a horrible team in all facets of the game

On May 7th, the Rockies were 22 – 14, and tied for first place. Since that time they have gone 37 – 76 for an overall record of 59 – 90. Sure they lost Tulo and Cargo but they were sinking long before they lost two of the best players in the game. Tulo actually waited until July 19th to end his season and by that time the Rockies were already 40 – 58.

This review seems pointless except to point out this is a terrible team who either can’t hit or can’t pitch at the same time.  The Rockies have lost six in a row, but in that time they have only given up twenty one runs.  The problem is that the Rockies have only scored eight runs in those six games. This will probably swing 180 degrees as I expect the pitching to get whacked, but the hitters to wake up given who the Dodgers are throwing at them.

This series would be a good time for Matt Kemp, Juan Uribe, Adrian Gonzalez, or Yasiel Puig to crack the Coors total base leaderboard. Or maybe AJ Ellis can join Alex Cora as an unlikely member of that group.

I’m usually excited about writing about other teams,  but I just don’t find this Rockie version very interesting so I’ll mercifully end hit it here.


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