On this date Aug 27th, 1955 Sandy Koufax throws a two hitter in his 2nd ever major league start

Sandy Koufax Broolyn Dodger

Sandy Koufax is known mostly for what he accomplished from 1961 – 1966 as a Los Angeles Dodger. Every Dodger fan knows that he was a late bloomer, but I’m not sure how many know that before he blossomed as a Los Angeles Dodger he had one  incredible game for the Brooklyn Dodgers as a 19-year old.   On August 27th, in just his second ever start Sandy whitewashed the mighty Redlegs.  At only 19-years-old Sandy struck out fourteen Redlegs for one of the most dominant performances of 1955.    To put this game into perspective, it was the only time all year in the National League that a pitcher struck out over twelve batters. It was also one of the most dominant performances of any NL  19-year-old ever. To further put this game into perspective, it was the only time since 1915 that a 19-year-old struck out more than 13 batters in a game in the National League. Bob Feller did it four times in the American League.

Player Age Date IP H ER BB SO
Bob Feller 19.333 1938-10-02(1) 9.0 7 4 7 18
Bob Feller 17.315 1936-09-13(1) 9.0 2 2 9 17
Bob Feller 18.295 1937-08-25(1) 9.0 4 0 4 16
Bob Feller 17.294 1936-08-23 9.0 6 1 4 15
Sandy Koufax 19.240 1955-08-27 9.0 2 0 5 14

Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 8/27/2014.
Sandy would follow that game up with another shutout on Sept 3rd against the Pirates. Sandy would not throw another shutout until age 23 in 1959 by which time he was a Los Angeles Dodger. We all know what happened after that.

This game by the way featured five future HOF Dodgers. 

Pee Wee Reese, Duke Snider, Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, and Sandy Koufax

You would think you could say that about any game from 1955, but you couldn’t because Sandy only started five games that year.

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