The nine game Matt Kemp run

Headed into July 29th, Matt Kemp had eight home runs, thirty-eight runs scored, and forty runs batted in with a slug % of .432 in ninety-five games

Today Matt Kemp has fourteen home runs, forty-seven runs scored, and fifty runs batted in, with a slug % of .472 in 104 games

For most of this streak Donny inexplicably continued to bat Kemp behind Carl Crawford thus reducing his RBI opportunities and at bats.
Here is a an atbat by atbat break down of this streak
Game One – home run, single, out, home run
Game Two – single, home run, ground out,single
Game Three – walk, strikeout (first K in 22 PA) , flyball to CF – Only three at bats in the game
Game Four – fly-ball, strikeout, fly-ball – Carl Crawford batting in front of Kemp made the last out of the game, and made the last out three times that game.
Game Five – Batting cleanup – strikeout, home run, ground out, fly-ball, ground out
Game Six – back to fifth but a head of Andre’s rare start – ground out, single, home run, strike out

Wins Player of the week

Game Seven – now batting fifth in front of Crawford – walk, strikeout, strikeout, strikeout
Game Eight – single, line-out, E5, strikeout – this was the game he got on via E5, stole 2nd, advanced to 3rd on Error, scored key run
Game Nine – home run, strikeout, line-out, ground out

Six home runs in nine games from a player who had eight home runs in ninety five game.

Maybe next time I’ll take a look at what RF Matt Kemp has done compared to LF Matt Kemp and CF Matt Kemp.

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