I’m not like everybody else

or at least I hope I’m not. The world is already full of wonderful Dodger blogs, if you want to know everything that is going on with the Dodgers then Eric Stephen and company  at Truebluela will take care of your needs.  If you want in depth analysis Mike Petriello at Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness will serve that up.   Over a dozen different Dodger blog now  exist to meet any and all your needs.

I’m not here to compete with any of them.  I’ll be writing to entertain myself,  and if you want to check in once in a while please say hi.  One day will be some Duck Talk, another will be some Fan Fiction, a few times I’ll be writing about life, some days we will simply marvel at this game of  baseball,  but through it all there will be a Dodger thread, some times that thread will be the size of halyards, other times it will be the smallest thread possible.


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