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One time LAD 1 – 0 Losers

Bringing this little 1 – 0 loser arc thread to a close we now look at all the pitchers who lost one game 1 – 0.  This is a fun list with many names you won’t see often, combined with two of the greatest pitchers of any era. Several scrapheap projects. Al Downing had been part …

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Favorite LAD players by position?

Sometimes the comments at TBLA are stories within themselves. Yesterday they got off on the tangent of Best LAD lineup based on season and that transgressed into Favorite LAD Lineup based simply on players you saw and liked. I’m going to take a swing at the favorite player lineup. Some of these would be easy for …

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LAD All-Stars 1970 – 1979, Cey to Russell to Lopes to Garvey era

LAD All-Stars 1980 – 1989, the Fernando Valenzuela and Orel Hershiser decade LAD All-Stars 1990 – 1999, the Mike Piazza era LAD All-Stars 2000 – 2016, the Clayton Kershaw era 1970 – Billy Grabarkewitz starts off the decade with his only all-star appearance. Before Corey Seager, there was Billy Grabarkewitz  who took the NL by storm …

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