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Saying good-bye to another old friend

I always expected Ryu to resign with the Dodgers so the news that Ryu signed with Toronto was a big surprise for me and it means that for the second year in a row one of my favorite Dodgers will not be wearing the Dodger blue as we head into the next season. I don’t …

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Koufax perfect game rides on top

The highest game score by a LAD pitcher against the Cubs at Dodger Stadium is, of course, the perfect game by Sandy Koufax. I like this list because it has some names on it that had been missing in my other game score leaderboards. ┬áLike Hiroki Kuroda, Bill Singer, Tim Belcher, Ricky Nolasco, Rick Honeycut, …

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Best K games against Cardinals at Dodger Stadium – The Lefties own it

This isn’t a surprise, to be honest I expect Kershaw and Koufax to be at the top of this list every time. Which is why it was refreshing to see Nomo and Fernando hit the top now and then to change things up. This list really is a who’s who of LAD pitching mountaintop. Good …

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