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Forget past failures of October

I was thinking about something Jon Weisman tweeted yesterday I remember the euphoria after the Dodgers’ NLDS sweeps in 2008 and 2009. It’s sobering to recall what came next. Hoping 2017 is less cruel. — Jon Weisman (@jonweisman) October 11, 2017 and it made me realize the only way to really enjoy this upcoming NLCS …

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All eyes on Kershaw & Morrow

Clayton Kershaw has started four straight game one NLDS,  and while this will be the first time he will start against a division rival in the NLDS everything else should seem familiar. In those previous four starts, the Dodgers have won two games and lost two games. When they have won game one, they have advanced …

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Petty grievances

I once heard/read that only petty people have petty grievances. Petty be me I find it amusing the things that somewhat intelligent people get their knickers in a twist about until I remember how twisted my knickers are. I almost never forgave Sandy Koufax when I was seven when my brother told me Koufax loved …

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