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Sophomore slamming

The two best players on the Los Angeles Dodgers are a 21-year-old 1st baseman and a 23-year-old shortstop. They will both be ROY winners, and they both will be leaned on very heavily to help the Dodgers move through October. It seemed that Corey Seager had a very quiet sophomore season, but once the 162 …

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Seager and bWAR at age 23

Nineteen shortstops have accumulated at least 10 bWAR by the age of 23. Eight of them went on to become HOF.  Carlos Correa, Corey Seager, and Francisco Lindor are all 23 right now and each are playing in their 3rd year.  Elvis Andrus and Jose Reyes are the other two active shortstops on the list. …

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Cleveland Indian preview

The Dodgers have made only one trip to Ohio to play the Indians and that was back in 2003. We won’t have any notable game scores or total base games based on a three-game series fourteen years ago. Just in case you were curious David Ross has the only home run against the Indians in Ohio. …

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