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Mookie Mookie Mookie

Whelp, it only took a week but the Dodgers finally finalized the deal for Mookie so I’ve updated the original post from a different deal. Six weeks ago I asked the Dodgers to pivot to Mookie after losing out on Cole and Rendon, and that is just what they did when the much-anticipated trade was …

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Pivoting to Betts is the right move

In the beginning, the clamoring crowds wanted Gerrit Cole, but he said no to the most expensive contract the Dodgers have ever offered a free agent and went to the NYY. Then, it was Rendon, but the Dodgers never even offered him a contract after he let the front office know that he and his …

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Pitching fWAR in the twenty-tens decade

Bobby Down in the comments at http://www.truebluela.com posted the top fWAR for players in this decade. ¬†¬†With his permission lets take a look at the pitchers. Below are the top 20 pitchers sorted by fWAR showing any top ten finishes in fWAR for that season. Clayton Kershaw had the best fWAR in 2016 even though …

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