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Hard to beat what the Dodger rotation has done since 2016 but what of 2020?

Below is the list of pitchers since 2016 with at least 50 starts and an ERA+ greater than 130. Dodgers have almost a full rotation on this list even though only fifteen pitchers made the cut. Kershaw hasn’t won a CYA since 2014 but still has the highest ERA+ of anyone on the list. Ryu …

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MLB Standings snapshot on Sept 8th, 2014 – Carlos Carrasco edition

MLB Standings snapshot on Sept 8th, 2014 Orioles cruising to AL East pennant with 9. 5 game lead Royals continue to hold off the Tigers with a 1.5 game lead. The new Indian rotation is keeping the Indians within shouting distance of both the AL Central and the wild card. Everyone knows what Corey Kluber …

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