LAD Team Home Run Leaders, 25 or younger

Youth is being served on the 2017 LAD team.

As Corey Seager rounded 3rd base after hitting his 3rd home run I couldn’t help but marvel at the power being displayed by the youngest players on the team.

The four top home run hitters on the team are Bellinger (21), Seager (23),  Puig (26), and Taylor(26).

Which got me to thinking, how many times has a LAD twenty-five or younger led his team in home runs?

The answer lies below:

Jim Lefebvre tied for the team lead in 1965 with twelve and Lou Johnson.   That team won the World Championship with two players leading their team in home runs with a measly 12. Willie Mays hit 52 that year. It was not 1968 the year of the pitcher.

The only surprise to me on this list is that Franklin Stubbs once led the team in home runs.

One HOF on this list in Mike Piazza, and one future HOF on the list in Adrian Beltre.

Player HR Year Age PA OPS
Frank Howard 23 1960 23 487 0.784
Frank Howard 31 1962 25 538 0.906
Jim Lefebvre 12 1965 23 631 0.706
Jim Lefebvre 24 1966 24 610 0.793
Billy Grabarkewitz 17 1970 24 640 0.852
Mike Marshall 21 1984 24 541 0.753
Franklin Stubbs 23 1986 25 465 0.712
Eric Karros 20 1992 24 589 0.730
Mike Piazza 35 1993 24 602 0.932
Mike Piazza 24 1994 25 441 0.910
Adrian Beltre 48 2004 25 657 1.017
Matt Kemp 28 2010 25 668 0.760
Cody Bellinger 22 2017 21 219 1.011


  1. 68elcamino427

    FRANK HOWARD The Power The Dodgers Need
    The Dodgers Troubled Giant
    Sports Illustrated
    May 25, 1964

    The picture on the cover is one that I have used as my avitar in the past.

    As a ten year old, this article cemented my love for FRANK HOWARD.
    I felt that the writer was picking on my hero at the the time.

    It’s a good read.
    The piece kinda reminds me of coverage Puig has received in the past.

    And btw, Puig is now a being a pretty good citizen.


    • Ties in nicely with the fact the Dodgers only had one 20 home run season from 1965 – 1970. Frank hit what, 1000 home runs during that span:)


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