Julio Urias optioned to Oklahoma

The 20-year-old phenom will have to bide his time as he saves his golden arm for summer and fall. Even without a full rotation, it was doubtful that Urias was going to start the year in the rotation. Not when you have to manage his innings, and we hope those innings will be needed more in October than in April.

Last year Urias shredded AAA and forced the Dodgers to call him up in late May. This year he’s simply on call as the current rotation of Kershaw / Maeda / Hill / McCarthy / Ryu try to prove they can remain healthy and productive. If those five do that, I’m not sure what the plan will be, because while Urias is special he’s only 20.  I expect great things from Urias but I don’t think it is a slam dunk that his 20-year-old season will be better than the best that McCarthy or Ryu can give you. The caveat being that McCarthy and Ryu will need to be at their best to keep the kid at bay once the Dodgers want to put his arm into play.

This will be one of the more interesting story lines of 2017. Which pitcher falters first to give Urias his opening, or if none of them do, do the Dodgers make a trade to open a spot for him?



  1. 68elcamino427

    Urias will be starting for the Dodgers in July at least.
    The only way this is not happening is if he is physically unable to perform.
    I hope McCarthy, Ryu, and Hill can maintain their baseball health.
    Let’s not get into Maeda’s shoulder/elbow nor Kershaw’s back histories.

    Neither McCarthy nor Ryu has been on the field shouldering a normal SP workload for two years.
    If they start out hot and later in the season run out of gas, it will still be a win-win.
    The tale of two seasons. The first half and the second half.
    The Dodgers have some pretty good young arms waiting to go.
    What a contrast to the good old days of 2006.

    At this point trading McCarthy or Kazmir is the least of the Dodgers problems.
    If McCarthy can carry the ball all season , I’d keep him around.
    Getting into the WS should take precedent over adding any milb players the Dodgers would get back for him.


  2. I think it would just be salary relief in regards to McCarthy and Kazmir if they are able to unload them after they prove healthy enough to pitch. Not both, but one probably needs to go. Alex Wood has to pitch sometime.


    • 68elcamino427

      Teams like the Angels are probably more concerned with salary relief than the Dodgers are.

      $17,666,667 2017
      $17,666,666 2018

      With the deferred arrangements in Kazmir’s contract, he would be the first candidate to go.
      Problem is, he isn’t serviceable at this time, damaged goods so to speak.


      $11.5 mil 2017
      $11.5 mil 2018

      If McCarthy can perform consistently at the level of a “number four starter” and stay healthy for the remainder of his contract, this is a deal with a cost effective price.

      Both of these pitchers were signed as a “bridge” until the young talent emerges.
      Other than Urias, at least one more year in the minors for the other youngsters is in order.

      The Dodgers have their old playbook working.
      Begin the season with the old guys, then have the young reinforcements pick up for the old veterans when they get worn out and start to falter.

      Beginning 2017, Stewart is on a path similar to the one DeLeon was in 2016.
      Stewart was rushed into the starting rotation out of necessity in 2016.
      Look for the Dodgers to move him at the deadline?
      The Dodgers might get more back for Stewart than McCarthy?


      If both McCarthy and Ryu perform well, but are exhausted by mid season
      Stewart could be ready to step in to help at that time.

      McCarthy’s interview during the game last night probably means nothing
      However, it was not confidence inspiring.
      Moving ahead day to day, hoping for the best.
      With all the things he has battled through in his career, who can begrudge him that?

      Rather than Wood shadowing the starts of Ryu and McCarthy in OKC
      Wood will do so from the Dodgers bullpen.
      Chances are that he will get opportunities to work in this role.
      Wood will help in a scenario where Ryu and/ or McCarthy can do a good job of getting through the order once or a little more, like 9-12 outs and then need help.
      If either of McCarthy or Ryu are consistenly having trouble getting past the third inning
      Wood will be ready to be a SP again.


      Stripling is in his role.


  3. Poor Stripling always an after thought. You might be right, he might be best suited as a long man in relief, but I’d think he’d have more value for a few other organizations in the rotation.


  4. But it is great to have Stripling in your 4th pocket when looking for those extra marbles.


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