The Godfather of Dodger blogs is moving on

Jon Weisman who parlayed his groundbreaking Dodger Thoughts blog into a position with the Los Angeles Dodgers has decided to move onto a different path and is headed for Showtime.

Jon will become the Vice President of Corporate Relations for Showtime

Weisman will be responsible for the strategic development and execution of media relations, and internal and external communications for the company

Jon’s last note on Dodger Insider was posted last week and contained this sweet nugget of information:

One thing I’m happy to say for certain is that I’m not done writing about the Dodgers. In the fall, I signed a deal for a book on the Dodgers that is scheduled to come out in 2018.

I kind of love and hate Jon. I love Jon for all the great writing he did about the Dodgers and how it intertwined within his life. I also kind of hate Jon for being such a good writer that his blog reeled me in twelve years ago and has left me dangling from the hook ever since.

Jon was responsible for me becoming a Dodger blogger at truebluela and while I’m not a good writer, I found I loved writing. You would have thought I’d have spent some time in the past ten years getting better at it, but I don’t like writing, I like “writing”.  The fun part is taking the rush of words in my brain and putting them to paper. The laborious part is trying to make those words grammatically correct enough that the stream of consciousness was legible once it was pulled from the flow.  That didn’t always happen, but it happened enough that I’m proud of a few things that came from me and without Jon I’m fairly certain I’d have never tried to write.

The biggest fish to fall from Jon’s Dodger Thoughts pond was Eric Stephen who has gone from Dodger Thoughts commentator extraordinaire onto editing the current version of truebluela. Eric can now boast of being a carded member of the BBWA and I’m fairly certain he doesn’t get there without springing forward from Dodger Thoughts.

I’m not sure the history of all the Dodger blogs that currently inhabit the Dodgersphere, but I feel comfortable in stating that Jon Weisman’s Dodger Thoughts paved the way for all of them. Yet, even though there are now a plethora of Dodger blogs no one does it the way Jon did it. Much like Vin Scully calling a game, Jon’s take was different than anyone else’s. Jon tied the Dodgers to himself, and thus you not only knew the Dodger 25 man roster, you learned a little about Jon along the way.

I wish Jon the best and look forward to his Dodger book, and I hope this path is the path that will give him the most satisfaction.

I also hope he loses the beard, some men simply aren’t meant to be bearded up.


  1. 68elcamino427

    This is a very nice article.

    We are blessed to have experienced Jon Weisman and his Dodger Thoughts on the Toaster.
    I remember the day, strictly by chance, that I was lucky enough to find the site.
    There were some very bright commentors and some very good writers who contributed to the community. What a fine community it was, Dodger Thoughts and The Toaster.
    Eric Stephen from San Diego turned out to be excellent.

    Jon’s love, kindness, consideration, and courage carried the day.
    The courage to reveal things about himself and his inner feelings.set him apart.

    On a couple of occasions, in his mid forties, Jon wondered what would come of his career.
    A mid life crisis time.
    What about my grand scheme?
    Is there enough time?
    Will it ever happen?

    So Jon, congratulations!
    Your success is inspiring!

    My only question to you now is …

    Rocket Fuel?


  2. Thanks, Phil. The beard is trying to compensate for my chinlessness. 🙂


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