Looks like the Dodgers just added a left-hand​ hitting outfielder

Just as Andrew Toles gets his second start in a row tonight, he looks in the rear view mirror and sees Andre Ethier coasting into Miami. According to the pre-game Dodger notes Andre is headed to Miami and at some point this weekend, possibly even tonight the Dodgers will be activating the longest tenured Dodger giving the Dodgers another left-handed hitting outfielder.  Currently not exactly a position the Dodgers are short in with Reddick / Pederson / Toles, but at the very least Andre should give the Dodgers another weapon as a left-handed pinch hitter.

It has been speculated that Andre will DH when the Dodgers head up to face the Yankees after the three-game series with the Marlins. That makes sense, once that series is done, we will have to wait and see if Andre is able to handle defensive duties in LF.

The Dodgers hope to make amends for the four-game sweep by the Marlins way back in April. It might be tough in game one with Kershaw squaring off against Jose Fernandez for several reasons. This will be Clayton’s first game in months and he can’t be expected to be either particularly effective or last very long, but this is Clayton Kershaw so who knows. The other reason is that Jose Fernandez is hard to beat at home as Vin Scully mentioned a few times in the past week.  Just to iterate Jose is 27 – 2 at home, and if wins don’t matter to you, how about an OPS against of just .511. For context the best pitcher in baseball over the past five years, Clayton Kershaw has an OPS at home of .542.

After tonight it gets easier with the Marlins throwing two sub-par right-handers at the potent left hand hitting Dodger lineup.




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  1. 68elcamino427

    Toles came oh so close to breaking the game open for the Dodgers tonight.
    He is a player who is fun to watch.

    Keeping good thoughts for Ethier as he comes back.
    He has sure paid his dues to be able to get back on the field in 2016.


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