Dodgers two-headed​ platoon in RF is tearing it up in September

Right field was a black hole for the Dodgers in August, with Josh Reddick having one of the worst months in LAD history this century for an outfielder, and Yasiel Puig doing his thing in AAA. The only saving grace for the month was the work of Toles who came up on August 21st. 

September is a different beast as Josh Reddick has shaken off whatever ailed him (bad luck) in August and has hit in all four games this month including his three starts. Puig has also hit in every one of his three Sept starts.

This is all SSS but still fun to look at. Puig has an OPS of 1.650 built upon a triple stat line of .444 | .538 | 1.111 which includes three walks in only 13 plate appearances.

Josh Reddick has been just as productive. Josh has an OPS of 1.500 built upon his triple stat line of .583 | .583 | .917.  As you can see Josh has not drawn a walk this month. Remember all the talk of Josh’s bad luck in August(BABIP of .194). In Sept he is getting paid back in spades with a BABIP of .600. Puig , on the other hand, has a BABIP of only .250.

The two of them are a combined 11 for 25 for three walks, one double, and three home runs.  Add in the seven RBI and the two headed right fielder is averaging a RBI a game. That’ll get it done, after the two combined to drive in all of one run in August.

In a season where the Dodgers have gotten good to excellent contributions from 1st base, 2nd base, SS, 3rd base, Catcher, CF, and even LF, it is good to see RF finely holding up its end of the bargain.

If it continues, watch out


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  1. 68elcamino427

    Competition is bringing out the best.


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