Dodgers could use a little right-handed​ help tonight

As you try to figure out who is going to play tonight one constant keeps on showing up, the Dodgers are short a right-handed hitting outfielder.

Chase Utley has been sitting against LHP, so if you move Howie to 2nd base as has been the case, you have three outfield spots that need to be filled.

Hard to imagine that Josh Reddick would get one of those spots given he has historically been awful against left-hand pitching, and so far he’s been awful in August just facing right-hand pitching. Facing the best left-hander in the NL, not on the DL doesn’t seem like it is in the cards.

Next up is Joc Pederson, and while Joc has been hitting, he still struggles mightily against left-hand pitching.

You know Mr. Hernandez is going to play somewhere, probably CF or RF. But that still leaves two spots open. Rob Segedin could grab one of those spots or he could go on paternity leave. But let’s be optimistic and write Rob into the lineup in LF.

That still leaves a spot in RF.  Do they let Toles play against the LH, he doesn’t have enough of a history to know if he can or cannot hit left-hand pitching.

Trayce Thompson and SVS picked a bad time to be hurt. Puig picked a bad time to be made an example of.

Everyone is giddy coming off the greatest game of the year but now things get real. They face the team they must beat to win the NL Western Divison. Too many games exist between now and end of the year against the Giants to win the division without beating the foe chasing you.

Can they do it with a patchwork rotation and one hand held behind their back as they try to accomplish this with the best right fielder in the organization playing in AAA.




  1. 68elcamino427

    Puig reality
    Puig Career Arc.

    Year, OPS, OPS+,

    2013, .925, 159
    2014, .863, 145
    2015, .758, 110
    2016, .706, 91
    2016 AAA


  2. The Dodgers are lucky that Rob Segedin is delivering. When they traded for the left handed Josh Reddick and sent Puig down to AAA they did so already knowing that Trayce Thompson was out. If they had already decided that Puig was no longer going to help the team they should have been looking for some handed help. This guy named Justin Ruggiano would have been available. You know the guy who was the best right handed hitting outfielder on the team last September. The Mets scooped him up and he’s already paid dividends. When you have to manipulate the roster to get Charlie Culberson up, I’m not sure that is the best way to get a right-hand hitter on the team.

    But hey, the team is scoring a boatload of runs, so it is pointless gnashing of my teeth. When I wrote this yesterday I really had no idea what kind of lineup they were going to use. Culberson wasn’t even on my radar, I thought he was more likely to be released than start against Bumgarner.


  3. 68elcamino427

    My feeling is that Puig committed some very negative over the top act the last time he was “healing his hamstrings”.
    Something so over the top that it had to be dealt with, a straw that broke the back of any hint of any goodwill the coaching staff and his team mates might still be clinging to.

    Since Puig has been gone, during each post game interview nearly every player goes out of their way to mention commitment to the team and the game.

    Last night the last subject Gonzalez was asked about was Andrew Toles.
    The last thing Gonzalez said was that Toles was a good teammate
    And a good person.


  4. Appears to be the case


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