The game that Vin Scully got a little ahead​ of himself

I only have one Greg Brock story and it is very ingrained into my brain. In 1983 Greg Brock had the misfortune of replacing Steve Garvey at 1st base. The iconic Dodger left for San Diego as a free agent, and 1st base was handed to Greg Brock. Brock had put up massive numbers in the minor leagues slugging 44 home runs in 1982  and was expected to provide power to the 1st base position.

Brock got off to a good start but was really starting to hit in May moving his OPS up to .938 on May 15th. On May 17th Brock walked five times giving him ten walks in the past four games and moving his OBP over the .400 mark. The best was yet to come as on May 18th Greg Brock put his best stamp on his rookie campaign.  

In the fifth inning, Brock hit a grand slam to give the Dodgers a 7 – 1 lead but it was in the 8th inning I’ll never forget the call by Vin Scully. Brock came up and slugged a two-run home run and Vin Scully exclaimed: “that Greg Brock has arrived and he won’t be going anywhere for a long time”. Now it is very possible I don’t remember the quote correctly but what I do remember is thinking that if Vin Scully says that Greg Brock has arrived than he has arrived.

But he hadn’t. The would be the best game of Greg Brocks career. That would be the high point of his season. His OPS after that game was a .989. He would end the season with an OPS of .739 even hitting a low point of .676 on August 3rd. Not only had Greg Brock not arrived he would be gone by 1986 when he was traded for Tim Leary and Tim Crews. Brock may not have helped the team win any championships during his short run, but Tim Leary sure did.



  1. 68elcamino427

    Billy Ashley waves hello!


  2. He might have, I only remember this one because I also thought that Greg Brock had arrived and was about to hit 40 home runs for the Dodgers.


  3. 68elcamino427

    Me too.

    Damn you Albuquerque!


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